Who should attend ?
Potential and existing first level supervisors and team leaders

What will you learn ?

This workshop explores issues and changed expectations associated with the transition from being a workmate to being a supervisor and is designed for team leaders and those aspiring to be a team leader/supervisors. The important concept here is: “ how you perceive a situation influences how you treat the people involved.

When you change your thinking style you automatically change how you treat people which in turn causes other to respond to you differently “ You will learn to Manage staff, customers and management no matter ‘what they throw at you. Develop an understanding of the key warning signs that indicate a potential problem and how you can mitigate the effect. Become aware of why people act in certain ways when in particular situations and how they can they be managed. Identify any need for self change and how to achieve change. Become a team player in the workplace – working effectively with peers, supervisors and management and enlist support when needed. Make a smooth transition from staff member to supervisor or management by understanding changing roles, meeting the expectations of management and dealing with peer pressure.

Duration: 1 full day of learning and trying new ideas: 8:30am – 4:30pm