Who should attend ?

It is preferable but not essential for participants to have completed Comms1 before completing this program.

What will you learn ?

When conflict is obvious in a workplace it can often be traced back to ineffective communication and or poor problem solving skills . Not all conflict is bad and indeed a reasonable level of conflict makes us feel alive. However, if after a conflict situation has been resolved one or all parties are left with aggrieved feelings then the result is unsatisfactory and will continue to ‘fester’. This workshop will show you how to identify the basis of a conflict and determine whether problems with co- operation or competition are related to the issue and how you should manage the situation.

The key to resolving conflict is the ability to identify and solve problems, so in this workshop, problem solving techniques will be introduced and discussed in group situations. One important tool will be to introduce a step wise strategy for dealing with difficult situations. As this strategy develops you will learn how to deal with strong emotions such as anger, unreasonable behaviour, ‘poor communicators’ and frustration.

Learn how interpersonal and situation related conflicts can be resolved using the CAPE principles of conflict management. Finally the programme will introduce you to the art of facilitation and mediation.- two essential processes for every day work.


1 full day of learning and trying new ideas: 8:30am – 4:30pm