Use training to make your organisation more effective.

On February 14, 2014, in News, by gmills

Are you getting  value from training ? 


The benefits of training are difficult to measure and sometimes the value is not apparent until the ‘scene is set’ for embedding the new learning or skill in the workplace. Sometimes nothing changes – same problems, same issues regardless of the amount of training provided.

Training should lead to change in the work place but so often change does not happen because some organisations fail to recognize that there are many barriers to embedding new knowledge and skills in the workplace.

Watermark Training and Consultancy can assist your organisation  to get value for your training investment.

Our approach normally starts with a scoping discussion then a series of step that may include :

An organisational and/or training needs analysis


This can take various forms but the main objective is to identify organisational objectives and match  existing staffing arrangements and individual needs so that a strategy can be developed to clearly set out what is required to match these often conflicting needs .

Closing the missing links – where does training fit in ?


Training is a significant cost to any organisation so it needs to  be properly planned  for to allow both trainee and the organisation to benefit.

Training is only one step, not the step, in the pathway to developing or improving capacity within an organisation.

Training is often seen as the solution to a problem that can be solved by  sending  the trainee off for ‘a skills and knowledge transfer package’ ie training. When the trainee returns to work he/she is typically greeted by a pile of  paperwork or a  backlog of  work so it is business as usual. This approach is doomed to fail because of  false assumptions that

  •  Knowledge can lead to change.
  •  Issues of  personalities and power are not important ; and
  •  Attitudes will change.

To maximise the effectiveness of training WATERMARK can help facilitate an approach that includes linking a customised skill and knowledge development plan for staff to a methodology for identifying barriers to change and then introducing measures to support the introduction of new knowledge and skills.  Contact us for more information.